'So where do you come from?'
I asked her.
'There', she replied.

It was the first few days after she arrived to this tropical island. When we were sitting at a random cafe in Taipei, she took out her laptop and showed me her works.

She is living as fast as if someone was chasing her from the behind. The quick captures she took were like a proof once she was standing at that street, she was lighting up a cigarette on the balcony, or some day the sky was so grey just like her mood. 

From her words I could feel there was something surreal in this young girl’s life. She’s living at a very different world from ours, and the photos she takes are like chapters of various stories. If you try to combine those stories together, you’ll find out there’s a universe of hers.

In her eyes I could read, she’s from that universe, at where probably lays her only homeland.

25/03/2017, Dazhi, Taipei City. Traveler's Bones exhibition opening ceremony. Liza Krylova (artist).

Photo credit: Tsai Chao Hsun



Matryoshka: Exhibiting within the Exhibition is a project organized by the students of the International Master of Cultural and Creative Industries in Taipei National University of the Arts with the purpose of exploring alternative exhibition models.

In this expo, every student – or group of students – presented their own proposals to create an exhibition, but always aiming to reconceptualize one or several of the different aspects that conform them, such as content, space, context or the curatorial role. 

09/01/2016, Taipei National University of the Arts. Matryoshka exhibition opening ceremony.

Representatives from Taipei’s art sphere held a series of small presentations about their jobs, originating an intersection where different communities from the art world meet: university students, scholars, curators, gallery owners or artists.

Matryoshka hence, reveals itself as a subversive event where students become organizers and curators, while gallery owners and artists take the audience’s seat place. All of it in a space where exhibiting becomes an art itself.

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